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What a time to start a blog!

Hello everyone,

I've meant to start chatting with you here for a while and now three years have passed since Petite Patrie started manufacturing chocolate in early 2017. This is my first blog!

I took for granted that I would see you every week at Wolfville Farmers Market, at chocolate shows, tasting and pairing events, so this is a good spot to let you know what is happening at Petite Patrie.

First thing I wanted to say is thank you. Thank you for having been there, supporting us from the beginning or more recently during these Covid-19 times, you've kept me quite busy and I am really grateful! I love making chocolate for you and creating new bars so much I've just received a new cacao bean shipment; so no cacao shortage in Medford!

Unfortunately, with the summer months comes the heat and the fact that chocolate melts. It's the time of year when we must adapt our shipping until the fall. Being faced with much longer shipping times, it is quite likely that your chocolate would turn into a hot mess by the time it reaches your location (imagine the horror!). So we are offering a few options. Fast Purolator shipping and you may choose to guarantee your chocolate will arrive in perfect condition by purchasing our insulated box with cool packs. Details at check out.

For our local deliveries as chocolate can't be left on doorsteps in the heat, I am requesting that a small cooler be left by the door (in the shade) so I can leave your order and it stays cool until you retrieve it. Don't forget! More of our stockists have started to reopen their doors and we are also available through the Wolfville Farmars Market 2 go So many ways for you to get your chocolate fix!

These past few months, I've added new products to our chocolate line such as our deliciously rich drinking chocolate selection. An exquisite euro style sipping chocolate that is enjoyed in espresso cups, not cocoa powder mix with dried up marshmallow, this is the real deal, ground chocolate. I made it using the delicious organic cacao beans from Hacienda Jesus Maria Cacaotera located in the Tabasco Region, Mexico. 80% dark single origin drinking chocolate or our Mexican Piquanté (lightly spiced). Heat milk, mix in, enjoy! Our latest chocolate has raised a few eyebrows, and I know what you are thinking: Roasted White Chocolate with Candy Cap Mushroom - has Gabrielle lost her cacao pod? Try it and you will see! This mushroom has a beautiful maple and vanilla flavour and the white chocolate is so creamy, it tastes like a maple caramel custard! What's not to love? Available through Wolfville Farmars Market 2 go and it will soon be distributed to our stockists or as they re-open.

Cheers to chocolate! - Gabrielle

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