• Academy of Chocolate Bronze Award Winner 2019

    From the fertile slopes of one of Papua New Guinea most active volcano, Karkar Island, where cacao is cultivated amongst coconut groves by farmers from one of the richest culture on the planet!
    So velvety, without any bitterness whatsoever, this exquisite chocolate is slightly fruity, winey and absolutely decadent.

    Ingredients: Cacao bean*, cane sugar*, sunflower lecithin (GMO free). *=organic.


    Manufactured in a facility that also processes: milk, coconut, almond, hazelnut.

    Single Origin Karkar Island, Papua New Guinea 80% Dark Chocolate

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    • We received high praise from New Jersey based fine chocolate reviewer @70andabovechocolate Thank you for your review!

      "The sizzling Pacific Islands! By way of frosty Canada Petite Patrie Fine Chocolate calls seaside Medford, Nova Scotia its home. This maker's Single Origin Karkar Island Papua New Guinea 80% bar isn't as volatile as its volcanic setting would suggest.

      This dark chocolate in reality is an exercise in charming subtlety. Its texture is supremely milky. There are even echoes of dairy in the bar's taste notes. Close your tired eyes and imagine a slender slice of Japanese cotton cheesecake. Aside from the milky elements, the bar also has a marked tart blueberry feel. Sampling it feels like sipping on the finest homemade blueberry wine in the middle of a shadowy Nordic summer landscape.

      Petite Patrie's chocolatemaker is the au courant Gabrielle Breault, formerly of the Canadian Forces. Her skill shines brightly in every single nuance this bar has to offer. Pure class!"

      Marie Blessing @70andabovechocolate