Chocolate Cupcakes with Berries

Vegan Chocolate

We have a large selection of vegan chocolate and drinks!

Most dark chocolate is vegan, but we also have other plant based milk and white chocolates.

When you shop online, look in the item description as vegan products will be listed as such, or there will be a vegan option for you to pick from in the menu.

When you visit us, simply ask us which products are vegan.


Dark Chocolate

Here is a list of vegan dark chocolate:

All our single origins

Pitch Dark 90%

Cranberry & Thyme

Wine Chocolate


Screen Shot 2022-01-23 at 5.15.23 PM.png

Milk Chocolate

Try our Coconut Milk chocolate, a crowd favourite! It's not only dairy-free, it is also sugar-free!

Maple White Chocolate_edited.jpg

White Chocolate

Make no mistake, this maple white chocolate with maple candied almonds is out of this world!
Multiple award winner at the Academy of Chocolate in London, UK